About us

In AMS, we are ready to be your strategic partner in the world of foreign trade and logistics and take your business to the next level.

In AMS, we are a group of innovative companies with an outstanding experience in leading with agility the challenges of foreign trade and global logistics. We aspire to be a model in all our operations and to be a driving force for the development of our team, their families and society in general, in order to build a more sustainable future.

Our businesses cover a wide range of services, from agency and shipowner representation to the design of tailor-made logistics solutions, whether by air, sea or land. We offer solutions, both sophisticated and simple, always with a clear focus on the efficiency and profitability of your business.

In AMS, we have a clear vision: to carry out the most diverse development projects and make viable the logistic challenges of the country and the region. We do this by carrying out operations tailor-made to the needs of our clients, in a transparent, sustainable and environmentally committed approach.

Our history

AMS’ rich business tradition dates back to 1948 when T.J. Schandy founded the first agency that marked the beginning of our history. Since that time, we have remained at the forefront of maritime and logistics activities, forging a track record that has endured through several generations of port activity.

For decades, the company was managed by different generations of the Schandy family, who contributed significantly to our growth and success. In 2007, we marked a milestone by partnering with Ultramar, one of the most prominent business groups in the Americas. With a presence in 17 countries on the continent and more than 100 operating companies, this partnership enables us to offer a complete platform of comprehensive, innovative and sustainable services and solutions to address our customers’ logistics challenges and boost foreign trade in the region.

In 2018, Ultramar assumed full equity control of the operations in Uruguay, consolidating our commitment to sustainability and the progress of the maritime activity.

Today, AMS is an innovative company managed by professionals in constant growth and development of new ventures. We are proud to be strategic partners that work with responsibility and a strong commitment to excellence, the environment and people in all the areas in which we operate.

What makes us different?

In AMS, we firmly believe that our most valuable asset is our people. Our team is the essence of who we are and what we do. Throughout our 75-year history, we have cultivated a deep understanding of the industry, but always with a fresh and constantly evolving imprint.

Our knowledge of Uruguay and the region, together with our understanding of its commercial dynamics, puts us in a privileged position to address any challenge that comes our way. We operate with flexibility and agility, maintaining close relationships with the main players in the market.

We are proud to be a gateway to a world of opportunities, connecting our customers with Ultramar’s global network and a wide range of businesses. This integration allows us to face new challenges with confidence and solve problems in a unique way. Thanks to Ultramar’s strong support, we have carried out numerous development projects that allow us to offer solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. This distinguishes us as a trusted strategic partner, committed to excellence and sustainable success.

Innovation is part of our DNA. Every new challenge we face becomes an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to transform and learn. Our approach is to always do it differently, find creative solutions and provide exceptional value to our clients.

In AMS, we are more than an agency and logistics solutions company. We are a passionate team, an open door to new opportunities and a constantly evolving symbol of innovation. We are here to drive your success and take your business beyond conventional boundaries.

Guillermo Rucks


Martín Montano


Mercedes Machado

People and Sustainability Manager

Juan Taborelli

AMS Marítima General Manager

Alejandra Moreira

Manager of Integral Solutions for Foreign Trade

Alejandro Itzaina

359° Manager

Valentina Bolaña

Global Shipping Uruguay Manager

María José Abad

Brings Uruguay Manager

Our services

Port Agency for all types of vessels. We manage all types of vessels and cargoes with 75 years of experience in tailor-made services.

We are a strategic partner for shipowners worldwide, operating from Uruguay as an entry point to the region, through the representation of the main shipping lines to and from various ports in the world.

Operational back office and front desk services for the shipping and foreign trade industry. We develop processes for handling port procedures, document management, customs management and container control.

We innovate and develop integral logistics solutions focused on our clients' needs. We are a strategic partner for advice and development of global logistics solutions.